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Zinc Orotate Works Miracles For Men, Women & Seniors

Zinc orotate is a chelated form of the mineral zinc, originally part of the work of Hans Nieper, MD, a german physician who worked to identify better mineral transporters that were more effective than the standard forms, such as citrate and carbonate. Essentially, orotic acid and zinc combine to make an effective delivery system for zinc that is unsurpassed by other forms of the mineral. It turns out, orotic acid is able to ferry the zinc ion efficiently past the ion channels of the cells, essentially delivering it to the inside of the cell. Zinc orotate has the highest absorption rate of any form of zinc on the market. Absorption rates are light years beyond that of standard forms like zinc oxide and zinc gluconate. 

Where to Find Zinc Orotate

Generally speaking, you can find zinc orotate in many different health food stores across the nation. In addition, you will readily find zinc orotate supplements on the internet, at very reasonable prices. For a quick, easy selection of the best on the web, see our product listing in the store section of this website. 

Optimal Dosage of Zinc Orotate

Because the absorption rate is so much greater than other supplements, zinc orotate is available typically in 60mg or so tablets. The actual elemental zinc can be as low as 5mg per tablet, but since the amount that gets utilized is so much greater, essentially, more is less in this case. At any rate, given the fact that most zinc orotate supplements are available in similar dosages, the optimal dosage would be around two tablets per day, with meals. 

Zinc Orotate Increases Testosterone Levels In Men

A zinc deficiency can defintely decrease testosterone levels in men. This has all kinds of related side effects including low libido, motivation levels, energy levels and more. Since the body has no real storage mechanism for zinc, it is important that you include a regular intake of the mineral in your diet. Since it's generally not possible to get the amount and absorption you need from foods, zinc orotate makes up the ideal supplement to get what you need into your cells. There is simply no better way to manage your zinc intake than to include a high-absorption supplement in your routine. 

Zinc Orotate Also Boosts The Immune System

Taking zinc orotate regularly helps boost the immune system. Zinc deficiency almost insures that your immune system stays revved up all year. This is especially important during cold and flu seasons each year. You may have noticed many zinc supplements lining the shelves of your favorite pharmacy when you're shopping for over the counter products. This is no accident. The mineral zinc is a potent weapon in the war against viral infection of all types. In fact, zinc orotate can help with other immune issues like rashes, sores and wound healing. Boosting your zinc intake will definitely help you heal faster and stay more immune to the effects of colds, flus and other maladies. Zinc orotate is definitely the king of immune supplements as well. Given the fact that it helps in so many ways, why wouldn't everyone want to begin supplementing with it?