Zinc Orotate 101

Zinc Orotate Is The One Mineral You Don’t Want To Miss

Zinc orotate is one of the most powerful supplements on today’s market and you probably have never heard of it. This mineral supplement increases absorption by over 400% over typical low grade supplements, giving you all the wonders of zinc your body can really use.

Zinc is an essential mineral and is required by your body. It is directly involved with metabolism, tissue generation, and a host of different enzymes. Zinc helps maintain healthy skin and is essential for a properly functioning immune system.

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Zinc orotate was originally formulated by a German physician, Hans Nieper. Dr. Nieper combined orotic acid with many different minerals to increase absorption and utilization in the body. Zinc orotate is available for transport directly into the cell unlike other forms. By taking this supplement, you are ingesting the highest quality zinc on the market. Zinc orotate can be purchased online but is not typically available in health food stores and pharmacies.

When you think of Zinc, you usually associate it with the silver metal, right? In fact, zinc is a mineral found in high protein foods, such as lean meats, nuts and beans. Zinc is also found in small amounts in our body, functioning as a boost to our immune system, helping with hormone production and diminishing swelling due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc orotate as a supplement in our nutrition can have great benefits beyond regulating our bodily functions, and these include helping with skin health, hair, and brain functions.